It’s a new thing!

Hey what’s going on here? Well, I’ll tell you you what’s going on.

Apparently there’s is new trend going around, people are posting on “blogs” or whatever. I think it only makes sense for me to jump on while the jumping is hot. I have a lot of thoughts about things and I sometimes like to write down those thoughts. Most of my thoughts are weird and unusual, but my hope is that you (yes you, I’m talking directly to you) will appreciate it. Upcoming posts include an impassioned defence of the worst Iron Man film and a stinging critique of the best Dragon Age game. In general, expect mostly pop culture analysis with an infusion of a bit psychology, some moral philosophy, maybe a bit of feminism. Really, it’s a collection things I find interesting, and since I know that I am a perfect representation of all the people, I’m going to assume everyone else finds those things just as interesting.

Expect maybe two or three posts a week, though this may vary (and really, what I mean is, I’ll usually be slower than that). Right now, this website looks really, super simple. That’s because I don’t know anything about making blogs or websites or anything really. So… don’t expect that to change.